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It all started with an itch

Our journey started when our founder Rafal was trying to help his wife and daughter find relief from their eczema. Like other eczema sufferers, they had tried everything - every cream, prescription, or remedy they could get their hands on - all to no avail.


Rafal was surprised to observe that such a widespread and potentially debilitating condition had no better treatments. He decided to investigate further. By applying his background in biomedical sciences and chemistry he dived deep into researching the biology of eczema and the chemistry of existing products. He also consulted leading dermatologists and industry experts. Furthermore, he began developing formulations in his small lab.


This work resulted in a formulation that helped his wife and daughter to control their eczema symptoms. Seeing the positive impact his formulations were able to make on his wife, daughter, and then other people suffering from eczema, Rafal knew he was onto something, and decided to pursue this venture full-time... and thus, Soteri Skin was born.


Our Team

Rafal Pielak, CEO and Co-founder | PhD

Rafal received his Ph.D. in Biological and Biomedical Sciences from Harvard University where he specialized in chemistry and biophysics. After his postdoctoral fellowship in the Chemistry Department at the University of California, Berkeley, he spent a brief stint in the pharmaceutical industry before joining L'Oreal Technology Incubator where he led the product innovation team for over 7 years. 



Jen Wan, CMO and Co-founder | MBA

Jen is a career marketer and self-proclaimed skincare junkie. She was in the final year of her MBA program at Cornell when she met Rafal. Having struggled with psoriasis, cystic acne, and dry skin that is prone to lesions all her life, she sympathized heavily with eczema sufferers, and was excited about the possibility of offering a new and effective solution for not just eczema sufferers but anyone who has troubled, sensitive skin. 


Our Mission

We truly believe in our mission of helping people rediscover the joy and confidence of having happy, healthy skin. This is a passion project for us both - we've heard the anecdotes and stories from those near and dear to us. It is remarkable how conditions such as eczema or extra sensitive skin can be so widespread and significantly affect the quality of life without clear relief options for sufferers. We hope that our products can help more people live life boldly and freely, no longer held back by their eczema.


We look forward to sharing this journey with you.





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