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Our products are made for (and are really good at) locking your skin in at the correct pH and building skin barrier resiliency. You should use these in conjunction with your existing skin care routine (whether it's corticosteroids or other skincare treatments). Your other treatments can keep doing what they're doing, while Soteri heals your skin and empowers the skin barrier to do what it's meant to do.

While they do have some moisturizing properties, Soteri was not formulated to be a moisturizer. If you have especially dry skin, we recommend continuing to use other moisturizers with Soteri, until your skin reaches a point through our treatment where it can better retain moisture. Our philosophy is that healthy skin is skin that is more self-sufficient. Thus, our hope is that with regular use of our product, you will eventually be able to stop using any other moisturizers or treatments you currently use. Freedom at last!


  • Apply Soteri daily on affected areas - reapply each time treated skin is cleansed (ex shower, handwashing) to ensure that treatment is uninterrupted.
  • As you start using Soteri, don't immediately stop using your previous skincare (prescriptions, skincare) - apply Soteri first and wait for it to dry before layering your other products. Eventually, as your skin heals, you can slowly stop using other products.
  • If your skin barrier is especially compromised, your skin may sting the first few times you use Soteri. This is normal and nothing to be concerned about - our ingredients have been vetted to be safe for damaged skin. The stinging should lessen with time. Stick through it! Good things come with time!

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