Your Sensitive Skin's NEW BFF:


What do eczema sufferers have in common?

Eczema-prone skin has an elevated pH level. While healthy skin has an ideal pH level 4.7, those with eczema have higher, more alkaline-based skin pH than others (usually ranging from between 0.1 and 0.9 pH units higher). And so many things can knock your pH level off-balance: pollution, cosmetics, irritating skin creams, and even showering or washing your hands. So how do you bring it back to the right level?

The key to pH level correction: pH/LOCK™

Enter Soteri Skin and our proprietary pH/LOCK™ blend. Our products are the only ones on the market that immediately corrects your pH level—and holds it for 12+ hours, giving your skin a chance to renew and heal itself naturally. 

skin pH without soteri skin skin pH with Soteri Skin