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How our products correct skin pH

Supports skin barrier repair and renewal

Our patented combination of ingredients (pHrotect™) provide optimal skin surface pH and strong pH buffering capacity. This long-lasting pH control provides direct protection against environmental stressors and also stimulates skin barrier repair and renewal.

Long-lasting pH control

Ingredients like ceramide, cholesterol, free fatty acid complex, as well as, niacinamide and phystosphingosine supports the skin acid mantle over the course of hours.

A little skin 101

Skin is a complex ecosystem comprising three primary components: the physical barrier, the acid mantle, and the skin’s microbiome. These work together, and an imbalance in any one of them affects the other two.

Unbalanced skin can lead to eczema

Microbes and other irritants see those imbalances as an open invitation to prey on your skin. Your skin can’t keep in the moisture it needs, and that triggers an immune response that leaves skin dry, rough, and open to painful eczema flare-ups.

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