Soteri Skin's eczema treatment is a steroid-free, science-based, clinically tested solution, proven to deliver long-lasting relief from flare-ups, dryness, itching, and redness. Our signature pH/LOCK™ complex not only alleviates eczema symptoms but also targets the underlying causes of eczema.

The root causes of eczema

Eczema is a common and often persistent skin condition that can be attributed to several interdependent underlying causes:

How does Soteri Skin address eczema?

Restores the Skin Acid Mantle

Soteri Skin's pH/LOCK™ complex is designed to mimic and restore a compromised skin acid mantle. It is rich in essential components such as hydroxy acids, amino acids, and fatty acids, which rebalance the skin's environment. This results in a strengthened skin barrier, reducing susceptibility to irritation and inflammation, while nourishing the skin microbiome.

Corrects Skin pH

Soter Skin’s pH/LOCK™ complex normalizes the skin's pH to an optimal level of 4.7 and maintains this balance for over 12 hours per application. This optimal pH is key to activating enzymes that are essential for skin barrier renewal, providing extended protection and relief.

Strengthens the Skin Barrier

By restoring the skin acid mantle and correcting surface skin pH levels, Soteri Skin’s pH/LOCK™ complex creates an ideal environment for skin barrier renewal. The formula includes a ceramide complex that replenishes skin ceramides, which are the main components of the skin barrier and are often depleted in eczema. Niacinamide further stimulates the renewal process, promoting a stronger defense against external elements. As the health of the skin barrier is restored, it becomes more effective at preventing irritants, allergens, and harmful microbes from penetrating and causing inflammation.

Locks in Moisture

Soteri Skin formulas are designed to retain maximum moisture, a vital aspect of managing eczema. As the acid mantle and skin barrier strengthen, the skin becomes more effective at locking in moisture and preventing dryness. Additionally, the active ingredients in the pH/LOCK™ complex attract and bind water molecules, enhancing moisture retention in the skin for prolonged hydration.

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