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NO MORE ROUGH PATCHES | Body & Face Eczema Cream | Full Strength


100 ml | 3.4 fl oz

A daily, pH-correcting cream formulated with Soteri's full-strength, signature pH/Lock™ complex designed to balance surface skin pH levels, soothing your skin in the short term and clinically tested for long-term eczema relief. While many users see results within the first 1-2 weeks, NO MORE ROUGH PATCHES eczema cream works best when applied twice daily for at least a 6-8 week time period.

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Benefits and Highlights

Restores Skin Acid Mantle

Full-strength pH/LOCK complex - 12+ hours pH correction

Soothes the Itch

Locks in Moisture

Supports Skin Barrier

Enriched with Colloidal Oatmeal


    Why it works

    Soteri Skin’s signature pH/Lock complex immediately starts working to restore the skin’s acid mantle, the acidic film on the skin’s surface, which is usually disrupted when skin is irritated.

     It also corrects the skin’s pH to an optimal 4.7 level and keeps it balanced for a full 12 hours.

    Over time, as your skin acid mantle is restored, and your skin pH gets corrected, your skin barrier becomes healthier and more resilient. This enables your skin to prevent harmful bacteria, allergens and pathogens from penetrating through and causing inflammation, while locking in moisture. That’s when you’ll start seeing your eczema symptoms reduce and eventually fade away.

    How to use

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews
    Best product on the market

    My nine-year-old son has had eczema since he’s been a toddler and no doctor recommended creams have worked until now. It’s tough being a kid these days and my son being in third grade was very embarrassed by his rough skin. I suggested we give Soteri No more rough patches a try. I was a little worried he wouldn’t adhere to putting it on every morning and every night but he was so excited about smoothing out his skin. He never missed an application. After the first week we noticed a considerable differences and by the end of a month his eczema was almost completely cleared up. Not only has it worked really well for him, but he has seen a long lasting improvement and requested more product. It has made me as a father so happy to see my son’s confidence and comfortability in his own skin build. He’s currently experiencing a long lasting improvement and It has made me as a father so happy to have a solution that actually works.
    He’s currently using this on his legs, arms and neck on a regular basis with great results. Not only am I a firm believer in this product but my son now tells all of his family and friends how great it is! We thank the Soteri team for making such an amazing product ❤️

    Happy hands

    I have atopic dermatitis and developed persistent hand eczema from over-washing during the pandemic. I used both prescribed steroid ointments + moisturizers, but the relief was always brief. Although I still have some eczema on my body, Soteri Skin healed my hand eczema on its own. Wow. For my hands specifically, it worked better than steroids. I love the non-greasy, silky texture, and how it softens my skin. It did sting initially, but the stinging subsided as skin improved. Being able to reapply throughout the day without worrying about side effects, is a big plus. Third month in, my skin seems more resilient. Glad I stuck to the brand message: “Good things come to those who wait.” <3

    Amazing results!

    I couldn't be happier with the results. I've used Soteri for a few months now and I can honestly say they have completely transformed my skin. I started with Gentle Start and now I'm using no more rough patches. It works amazing for me and I'm glad I found this company.

    It cleared my eczema

    I've used Soteri for over 8 months, I can honestly say it has completely transformed my skin. I struggled with eczema since childhood and this is the first time I can say that my skin feels good and doesn't flare up anymore.


    Great product, perfect for skin. And the gentle version is wonderful for sensitive skin.