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Seriously magical!

I have had eczema all my life so I have tried almost everything...After using [Soteri Skin], I noticed that my skin was significantly more resistant to hot shower-induced flare-ups. Seriously worth trying!

— Nina W.

Cleared up my eczema!

I had a huge eczema flare for MONTHS. After using Balancing Act for A WEEK, the patches cleared completely! I am so impressed! I use it daily now and my skin is loving it!!

— Brittany D.

Must have!

I have been suffering [from] eczema for a very long time and [this] has changed my skin's life! I apply not only on my face...but also on my suffering zones on hands, elbows and knees, definitely recommend!

— Yulia F.

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The power of pH/LOCK™

Clinically tested on eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

Patients saw, on average, >80% reduction in symptoms (itching, redness, and scaling)

Soteri Skin works so well thanks to our superstar compound, pH/LOCK. Rather than a single ingredient, this proprietary blend of premium ingredients works together to provide 12+ hours of pH correction, so your future is flare-up free.

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Your skin's pH determines its health

Skin's pH fluctuates throughout the day.

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People with eczema and sensitive skin have an elevated pH level.

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Soteri Skin is the first to provide long-term pH correction, so you can enjoy long-term relief.

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