Proven Results for Eczema and Dermatitis

Long-term pH correction for long-term skin health


Technology developed at Harvard University
Backed by Y Combinator - top startup incubator in the world

Body and Face: Introductory Product 

Body and Face: Full Strength

For Dry Skin That Needs MORE

The product that started it all

Scalp Care

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All of our products are

Clinically tested skin care
Dermatologist approved skin care
Allergy tested skin care
Steroid free skin care
Fragrance free skin care
Paraben free skin care
Vegan skin care
Sulfate free skin care
Alcohol free skin care
Recyclable packaging
Manufactured or made in the US
Cruelty free skin care


Peer reviewed skin care publication
Top product on product hunt
Woman who is changing skincare forbes
Femtech insider female led company