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Could you send me another sample? Please. This works better than anything else I've tried before!

- Albert

I’ve been on steroid cream and tried endless different skincare products for over 2 years, but nothing really worked. After 2 weeks of using Soteri, I was able to stop using steroids; I was finally free of itchiness and my skin looked smooth again!

- Peishan

I was wondering if you could send my dad some more product. He feels like his medicine actually isn't as good as your lotion you sent him.

- Amanda

Our Portfolio of Treatments

Formulated from scratch, with minimalistic ingredients for eczema and sensitive skin | Sets and maintains skin's optimal pH | Vegan | Made in the US | Recyclable | Cruelty Free.

Show your skin barrier some love

Our flagship product: bolsters the skin barrier to help you break the cycle of irritation and enjoy healthier, moisturized skin long-term. Safe for anyone to use, and plays well with prescription treatments.


Other products that claim to be pH-balanced provide only temporary pH correction. Soteri's proprietary technology, pHrotect™, corrects and *locks in* the ideal therapeutic pH, so you can move on with your life.

Learn about our approach to eczema

Skin pH and skin health

Every time we hop in the shower, wash our hands, or even apply cosmetics, we challenge our skin and temporarily disrupt the pH balance.

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Skin Barrier Function 101

Why it matters   Skin is the largest organ in your body. Its main role is to provide a protective barrier between your internal and external environments - this is called...

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