Soteri Skin’s signature pH/LOCK™ complex restores your skin acid mantle and corrects your skin pH to alleviate eczema symptoms AND to address the underlying root cause of eczema so that you can live eczema free
Clinically Tested
Steroid Free
Dermatologist Approved
Allergy Tested
Fragrance Free
Sulphate Free
Alcohol Free
Cruelty Free
Manufactured in USA

The future of eczema treatment is Soteri Skin

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Before & After

100% of eczema patients saw significant improvement and 60% saw complete symptom relief in our clinical studies

Our Story

Our Story starts with Rafal, a Harvard BioMedical PhD who embarked on a mission when he witnessed his wife and daughter struggle with eczema. Despite trying every topical on the market, nothing worked, and the symptoms recurred.

Rafal dove into the science and discovered a link between imbalanced skin pH and eczema symptoms, eventually formulating and patenting Soteri’s pH/LOCK™ complex which cured his wife and his daughter.

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