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Developed by a Harvard Biomedical Sciences PhD and incubated at Harvard Innovation Lab and Y Combinator, Soteri Skin is the only eczema treatment that relieves you from recurring eczema symptoms with its patented pH/LOCK™ complex. Soteri Skin’s innovative formulation is uniquely designed to restore the skin acid mantle and correct skin surface pH levels for a full 12-hour period, strengthening your skin barrier so that you can live eczema free.

"The market is flooded with creams and topicals that address eczema symptoms, but the eczema always comes back, sometimes stronger. Soteri Skin is the only non-steroidal eczema treatment that addresses the root cause, allowing you to live eczema-free."

Rafal Pielak, Founder & CEO Soteri Skin

Interview with our Founder

It all started with Rafal, our scientist founder, a Harvard Biomedical Chemistry PhD who saw his wife struggle with eczema while she was pregnant with their first child.

Listen to Rafal’s heartwarming story of how he helped his wife overcome eczema and his inspiration behind founding Soteri Skin. Learn about the science behind the formulations and how it can also help you live eczema free.

Our Leadership Team

Dr. Rafal Pielak, PhD

Scientific Founder

Lama Mansour, MBA

Chief Marketing Officer

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