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Step 1
Start with GENTLE START for the first 4 weeks to help your skin acclimate to Soteri Skin's active ingredients.
Step 2
After 4 weeks, transition to NO MORE ROUGH PATCHES cream with more powerful active ingredients.


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50 ml | 1.7 fl oz + 100 ml | 3.4 fl oz

If you are new to Soteri Skin and have active flares, we recommend that you start with our 2-step Eczema Starter Kit. Gentle Start helps you acclimate to Soteri’s actives, while No More Rough Patches is more powerful and will help you achieve long term results.

Benefits & Highlights

Colloidal Oatmeal soothes the itch and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Shea Butter calms the skin and helps to lock in moisture.

Skin mimicking Ceramide Complex supports the skin barrier

Niacinamide supports skin cellular renewal, helping to rejuvenate the skin

Key Amino Acids improve hydration and nourish the skin microbiome.

Why It Works

Soteri Skin’s signature pH/Lock complex immediately starts working to restore the skin’s acid mantle, the acidic film on the skin’s surface, which is usually disrupted when skin is irritated.

 It also corrects the skin’s pH to an optimal 4.7 level and keeps it balanced for a full 12 hours.

Over time, as your skin acid mantle is restored, and your skin pH gets corrected, your skin barrier becomes healthier and more resilient. This enables your skin to prevent harmful bacteria, allergens and pathogens from penetrating through and causing inflammation, while locking in moisture. That’s when you’ll start seeing your eczema symptoms reduce and eventually fade away.

General Questions

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Lela Sadler
Calming & soothing

I’ve been using the gentle start for about 3-1/2 weeks now. It does soothe my skin. I find myself applying it throughout the day when I need a little moisture or my skin is feeling irritation. Unfortunately, my eczema isn’t healed. But, I’m going to use the “No More Rough Patches” product now & see how that works for me. I have noticed the itching is almost completely gone! It’s definitely better than most products on the market. Most just irritate my skin & make it worse.

Thankyou Lela for your review. Now that you've used GENTLE START to acclimate your skin to Soteri Skin's active ingredients, please upgrade to NO MORE ROUGH PATCHES. This full strength pH/LOCK product will make your eczema completley go away over a 4 week period if you use it twice per day AM and PM and always after taking a shower or washing your face and hands. Good luck and thank you again for trying Soteri Skin. We're deligthed our eczema creams are working for you.

Roselle Barias

In as short as 5 days, I can see improvement on my skin already. It is a gentle formula but works effectively on itchy, rough skin. The product is so effective, I even used it on my hands everytime I get some allergic reactions to cleaning products.

Thank you Roselle for trying Soteri Skin and for your review. The products work best when you apply twice per day, AM and PM and always after showering and washing your face and hands. Water is a huge irritant and a trigger for eczema so always moisturize with Soteri Skin after contact with water. This will stop your flare-ups from coming back.
Also, I reccomend that you upgrade to NO MORE ROUGH PATCHES. This is our stronger formula and will help you stay eczema free.
Good luck!

Lacey Dias
Soteri Skin saved my hands and my sanity!

I never had eczema growing up, so I had no knowledge of how severe it can get or the process of healing for skin. I started to get it on my hands 4 years ago, which progressively got worse - it peaked around September 2023 with me barely being able to use my hands, limiting all my activities and contemplating going on disability. Yes, that severe! My cousin works in dermatology and introduced me to Soteri Skin, at this point I had already done all the pharmaceutical and dermatologist prescription junk and otc topicals with zero improvement. I wanted something that could genuinely help long term, and Soteri Skin is THE only product to do it! I would call it miraculous in my case. What I had learned from Soteri Skin is that my trigger is over washing my hands (I work in childcare), and this would constantly disrupt the pH balance of my skin. Tell me why my dermatologist didn’t know this?! Even though I used lotion, it wasn’t restoring the acid balance in my skin, so my cycle of flares would not stop.
Within the first week of using Gentle Start, I saw significant improvement- the flare was actually calming down. Due to the active ingredients, if your skin is open it can sting a little bit (you can simply mix with Shea butter or other lotion to make even more mild) - since I was made aware of this before starting I was determined and prepared for it. My skin adapted quickly, and while only tasked with applying twice a day for the 12 hour protection, I applied liberally throughout the day after washing and when my skin was drying out. After 2 weeks I started to integrate the No More Rough Patches (the full strength) into my daily use, first mixing a littler with the Gentle Start then making full switch by 4 weeks. At this point my hands were barely recognizable! No more swelling, no more pain, no more flare, no more oozing, and no more peeling! I had my hands back!
I have never been so grateful for a product in my life - it is literally the only one to actually target the underlying issue (disrupted acid level in skin) and this gave my skin the opportunity to heal and rebalance! Life saving!
I currently still apply the No More Rough Patches twice a day and wear latex free protective gloves when washing dishes, and that’s all I need to maintain my hydrated healthy looking hands!
I cannot recommend a product more highly than Soteri Skin, I have never had such a profound impact such as this - it genuinely changed my life! Thank you team at Soteri Skin!

Gosia Rychlowska
Great products, exceeded the expectations.

I've suffered from eczema since childhood. The skin reaction on my face would usually start with itching blisters or red patches around my lips and eyes which would later progress into rough patches with skin peeling off for an extended period of time. I would use steroid ointments on the rest of my body and sometimes on my face when the blisters were very severe. I would always wear makeup to cover the redness. I always struggled to find face products that would not irritate my skin and make it worse. This was until 6 weeks ago when I decided to try Soteri. My skin is greatly improved after 6 weeks of using the Soteri products. The redness is gone, the flares are gone too, and my skin seems more resistant to dietary and environmental factors, which I did not expect. Before I would experience the feeling of dryness on my face despite the skin being rather oily, not dry at all visually. I would have to reapply moisturizer in the middle of my workday. Now I don't feel the dryness anymore and my skin doesn't get oily. I feel like the density and firmness of my skin have improved as well, which is most noticeable on my lipline and jawline. Finally, I stopped using makeup! the color and texture of my skin are both so good! I could not be happier!

Wow! This really works.

I've tried many products and most of them makes no difference. This bundle made really helped. I've been using it for two months now and my skin is so calm!