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GENTLE START | Body & Face Eczema Cream | Reduced Strength


100 ml | 3.4 fl oz

Formulated for sensitive and irritated skin, this lightweight, reduced-strength pH-correcting cream for body and face is ideal for new users as they acclimate to Soteri Skin’s active ingredients.

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Benefits & Highlights

Restores Skin Acid Mantle

Corrects Skin Surface pH

Soothes the Itch

Locks in Moisture

Supports Skin Barrier

Enriched with Colloidal Oatmeal

100 ml

Why It Works

Soteri Skin’s signature pH/Lock complex immediately starts working to restore the skin’s acid mantle, the acidic film on the skin’s surface, which is usually disrupted when skin is irritated.

 It also corrects the skin’s pH to an optimal 4.7 level and keeps it balanced for a full 12 hours.

Over time, as your skin acid mantle is restored, and your skin pH gets corrected, your skin barrier becomes healthier and more resilient. This enables your skin to prevent harmful bacteria, allergens and pathogens from penetrating through and causing inflammation, while locking in moisture. That’s when you’ll start seeing your eczema symptoms reduce and eventually fade away.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Amazing product!

I couldn't be happier with the results. I've used Soteri for a few months now and I can honestly say they have completely transformed my skin. I've suffered from eczema since childhood. I would usually flare up around my eyes and lips and sometimes on my neck. When I started using Gentle Start I felt some stinging and my skin looked a bit irritated. I almost stopped it but I contacted customer service and they were very nice and told me that this was normal and that this would go away after a few days and it did! I'm glad I stuck to it. My skin started healing after a week and was much better after about 3 weeks. It's been a few months now and my skin is completely clear!

It cleared my eczema

I've been using Soteri products for over 8 months, and they've been incredibly effective in managing my eczema. I started with Gentle Start, and now I've been using Gimme More.


Great and effective product

Lyla Jean

Super great!

Great for sensitive skin

I like how gentle this cream is , I have dry, sensitive and eczema prone skin, this cream soothes and nourishes my skin. It contains great ingredients like colloidal Oatmeal and Ceramide complex which are perfect for sensitive skin. Highly recommend