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Peishan J.


“I’ve been on steroid cream and tried endless different skincare products for over 2 years, but nothing really worked. After 2 weeks of using Soteri, I was able to stop using steroids; I was finally free of itchiness and my skin looked smooth again!” 

Before, After. Soteri Skin testimonials and review.  Redness and lesions healed after two weeks


Adult female suffering from eczema with reoccurring itchy and painful lesions localized to hands, face and neck. 

Before Soteri: Treatment with topical steroids and lotions/emollients provided only temporary relief. Lesions reappeared periodically. 

After Soteri: After 2 days of using Soteri with topical steroids, she began seeing improvements. She was able to stop using topical steroids after the first week of using Soteri, and lesions completely disappeared after 3 weeks of application. With daily use of Soteri, she has been free of eczema symptoms for 6 months.



Albert R.*


“Could you send me another sample? Please. This works better than anything else I’ve tried before.”  


Adult male suffering from eczema with reoccurring lesions on the calves and shins. 

Before Soteri: Treatment with topical corticosteroids and lotions/emollients which only provided temporary relief. Lesions would reappear periodically.

After Soteri: Lesions have significantly improved after 1 week of application and completely cleared after 2 weeks. 


Felipe C. 


“With Soteri, I finally found a solution to a dry-skin problem that affects me since 15 years ago. Using Soteri cream, for only one week, was enough to eliminate the red patches on my hands.”

Eczema before/after Soteri #2 


Adult male suffering from eczema with reoccurring itchy lesions between fingers and on the forearm. 

Before Soteri: Used treatment with lotions/emollients daily and overnight. These only provided temporary relief. Lesions would reappear periodically, especially in periods of stress.

After Soteri: Flare-ups cleared after 1 week of application. 


Wendy V.


“I started seeing dramatic results within a week, which is not something I usually experience with other skincare products.”

Eczema before/after Soteri

Adult female suffering from eczema since childhood with reoccurring itchy lesions on the chest and neck.

Before Soteri: Topical corticosteroids and moisturizers. 

After Soteri: Flare-ups cleared within one week and the follow up lesions reduced in severity. She was also able to reduce prescribed steroid usage. 


Vinh P. 


“Best over-the-counter product for eczema. I have used countless brands of creams and lotions and this is the best product I’ve used. My skin feels much more hydrated and healthy” 

eczema before/after Soteri #3


Adult male suffering from eczema since childhood with reoccurring itchy lesions on many body parts. 

Before Soteri: Topical steroid and moisturizers specific for eczema

After Soteri: He saw improvements after a few days of Soteri application. Over time lesions and itch decreased in intensity. 

*Individual requested that their name be changed/masked to protect their identities 

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