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BALANCING ACT | Face Eczema Day Cream | Full Strength


50 ml | 1.7 fl oz

A daily, lightweight, full-strength pH-correcting face cream formulated with Soteri's full-strength proprietary pH/Lock complex designed to balance surface skin pH levels, soothing your facial skin and clinically tested for long-term eczema relief. While many users see results within the first 1-2 weeks, for best results apply twice daily for at least a 6-8 week time period.

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Benefits and Highlights

Restores Skin Acid Mantle

Full-strength pH/LOCK complex - 12+ hours pH correction

Soothes the Itch

Locks in Moisture

Supports Skin Barrier

Enriched with 10% cermides

Infused with Hyaluronic Acid for maximum hydration

Protects against negative effects of the environment such as UV and pollution


        Why it works

        Soteri Skin’s signature pH/Lock complex immediately starts working to restore the skin’s acid mantle, the acidic film on the skin’s surface, which is usually disrupted when skin is irritated.

         It also corrects the skin’s pH to an optimal 4.7 level and keeps it balanced for a full 12 hours.

        Over time, as your skin acid mantle is restored, and your skin pH gets corrected, your skin barrier becomes healthier and more resilient. This enables your skin to prevent harmful bacteria, allergens and pathogens from penetrating through and causing inflammation, while locking in moisture. That’s when you’ll start seeing your eczema symptoms reduce and eventually fade away.

        How to use

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 58 reviews
        Light but hydrating

        My atopic skin invites different skin problems; Heat rash after exercising is one of them. Rich eczema creams didn't help with the heat-rash prone areas, so I switched to this light cream and my skin hasn't broken out as bad as it used to. Not sure if it’s the ph correction or because it doesn’t clog the sweat glands, but whatever reduces the use of steroids is welcome! It dries down matte, but still hydrates. I'll probably use it more in the summer.

        great light texture eczema cream

        I've been using Soteri moisturizers for a few months now, and they work amazing for me. I love the light texture of Balancing Act, and it works wonders on my skin. I've suffered from eczema since childhood, and for the first time, I can say that I've found products that really improve my skin health. I initially started with Gentle Start and am now using Balancing Act and the body moisturizer.

        My Husbin Orr

        I developed dyshridotic eczema 14 years ago after having my first baby. Now as a busy mom of 5, the raw skin on my palms limited my daily tasks of caring for my family. I tried changing my diet, natural supplements, butters, creams and oils. Helpful but not healing. I found soteri skin on Pinterest and saw specific hand before and after photos exactly like mine. I tried balancing act twice a day morning and night and it cleared my hands up within a month!! I am amazed!Rebalancing the ph from the outside was the final piece after healing from the inside. I have also had success using gimme more on my face for breakouts. I’m so glad to have found Soteri Skin and feel safe using products that have good ingredients, and that work!

        A miracle of a cream for sensitive skin

        The Balancing Act cream has been the remedy I didn’t know existed for my sensitive skin. For the past year I’ve been struggling with random eczema breakouts on my skin. I started applying this pH lick cream daily and my skin has never been better. I love that this cream is highly effective yet lightweight.


        I am loving this moisturizer. I have seen a good change in my skin. I have sensitive skin and it has fallen excellently. Ideal for all skin types, it absorbs very well, leaving a soft complexion